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Have you as a woman ever asked yourself? If god made
man, woman equal then why does man portray themselves
to be superior to woman? you know, I don't know the
answer to that one either. But, I do know this to be
true. There are two forms of abuse. One being emotional,
the other being physical. I covered physical on another page
so now I will cover emotional. below you will see a catagory.
Under each will be a brief decription of what would be
classified as emotional abuse.


One who makes all decisions for the household. Do you have
to answer for everything you do? Such as how you do the dishes,
how much you smoke in a week, when you should clean, how you
wash cloths?

Threats ( Big one for me)

When he gets mad does he tell you he's going to cram your
puter up your, well, you know. Does he tell you he's going
to cut up the computer cords.

Anger (Throwing stuff)

Does he kick your stuff across the floor, or the childrens?
Does he throw house plants, beds out the door in the heat
of anger. Does he throw your kids toys away, while cleaning?

Self Centered

This I would say is when something of yours breaks, you need it
replaced he offers to give him his old one and buy himself a brand
new one. You have no right to anything nice. But of course he will
get something nice for himself or the children who are actually his.

Finacial ruin

this is a form of abuse, lets say your on welfare and you recieve
300$ a month he makes 1200$ a month, he expects you to pay half the
bills. The rent is 379$, electric 60$ and all your food stamps goto
the house. This is keeping you finacially broke. Do your math and see
how much money he has to last the month and compare it to what you
have left. Now, what would happen if your not working? You would have
nothing. No work done to your car, holes in your jeans, no bras, holes
in your other under garments. No haircuts, yet he has all this stuff while
you suffer.

Not working yet.

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