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Dspirit Cheer

As spring sets in we hear the birds chirping
We watch as the flower's bloom, blossom.
The sun shines on us,
making everything so very pretty.
We see different shapes in the clouds,
trying in our minds to place a name to the image
could one be our spirit stick at hand?
Could it be dspirit?
We ask ourselves what does this mean?
It means to SHOUT IT OUT!!!!!
Let the fights begin.
Mon. May 24, 1999

Recieved June 18, 1999


Thank you to all of you that have supported me. Could'nt have done it without ya.


For the supporter's of Candi's Musical Angel's


I would like for all my supporters to take these two gifts. This is my way of saying Thank-You.

DHunter Candi

Given to me on August 6, 1999

Given to me on August 7,1999


My daughter had to be cute and pull this fast on on me. Never fear, though I'll get even.

I was bonded and released on June 18, 1999. Thank you Terri

This came as a shock to me. Thank you so very much.

As the lightening strikes

you see the cracking of branches

you listen as the thunder rolls,

you can smell the fresh air

This does'nt stop what's happening around us,

You ask what that is,

Shouting at the SHOUT IT OUT!

Fairys, Spirits, flying day and night

Spreading their spirit.

Fighter's making new friends.






You've just been dusted with dspirit.




This candle burns for all the victims of the Columbine High School tragedy in Littleton, Colorado, and for all other victims of school violence. Please visit the Littleton Memorial Site

Please don't forget all those injured, murdered at the Springfield, Oregon school shooting.



The Site Fights Spirit Flowers
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The Site Fights Spirit Flowers
Send a Spirit Flower!



Recieved on 08/18/99

Given to me by Debbie

Thank- You



Given to me on 5/24/99

Thank-you Fairy Angel Eyes


The Site Fights Egg


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August 18, 1999


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