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Hello, my name is Kayla May, I will be five in July. people say I have pretty long blond hair, with huge blue eye's. I just love to sing and dance to all those learning tapes. Like Blue's Clue's, Big Bird. I learn alot from them, they're fun to watch too. I was born with a condition called Pyloric Stenosis. My mommy say's she stayed at the hospital with me for four day's when they did surgery. I was only three weeks old, mom say's it was scarey for her because she had taken me in for a welbaby, they rushed me off to ER. I cried alot, she rocked me in the rocking chair by my crib, she slept on an uncomfortable bed next to me. They also discovered that I have a heart condition called Perephial Pulmonary stenosis, a hole in my aorta. I'm pretty active, but I have to have an EKG, ECHO every two years. Mommy say's " she hates it because she does'nt want to find out they have to operate again. If it gets worse they have to put a baloon in my valves to keep them open. Scarey huh! Well, onto better things.

My mama kitty, Goofy has three babies, named, Twerp, Fluff, and a new one named, well we don't know yet. Daddy say's were giving it away. I love to play with them, wrap em up in a blanket. Mommy say's It's really cute. I also have a big brother named Jeffery Jr. he's seven. He bother's me, he's I think mom calls it ADHD. All I know, is he's sometimes mean to me. I still love em though. I have a big sister named Nicole. She's got her own website, is a Net Sister just like mom. She's thirteen, alot of fun, she likes to do my hair, paint my fingernails.










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