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Welcome to the new home for the group Strictly Tutorials. Here you will find the Paintshop Pro lessons our members have been working on. We have three tutorials that are posted once a week. Usually on Mondays so that we have all week to work on them. We then share our work via email with the rest of our members. The reason for three tutorials a week is because everyone is traveling at different paces. We provide a tutorial for beginners (newbies to psp), another for those who have  intermediate level skills and knowledge, and one for those who are more experienced and have a working knowledge of vectors and selections.

In some cases we may offer contests for our members and those results will be posted in our members section. Anyone may review those results. It is our goal to provide traffic to each of the members websites. Each member who places in 1st, 2nd and 3rd places will receive an award to proudly place on their website.

We also have a file section where our members have placed lots of goodies for visitors and other members to download.  Please feel free to grab that cup of java and take a look around.


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For those who found themselves here by following a tutorial link and would like to join our group. The link is provided below, just enter your email address and follow the instructions on the following page.


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The left side is for newbies, the middle section is for intermediate, and the right side is for more experienced users. It does not matter which tutorial/s you do. What matters is traveling at a pace and selecting the tutorials you feel most comfortable with. As you learn the uses of the tools in psp you will have the confidence to adventure onto the more difficult levels. More tutorials will be added as time permits. Please remember to show us your final results. We would love to see them.


Lesson 1 Muted Tile Background Embossed Cards & Frames Curve text
Lesson 2 Quick Marble Background Frame It W/Glitter N Diamonds EZ Tulip
Lesson 3 Watermarking An Image Animated Globe Tartan Plaid Tile
Lesson 4 Cherub SigTag Bar W/Mask Music Notes Plaque
Lesson 5 Deformation Tool Marble Buttons & Bars Door Harp
Lesson 6 Bevel Text (No Plugins) Wonder Ding Mask Kit Kat Clock
Lesson 7 Gingham Tile Create & Use Brushes Love Bugs
Lesson 8 Adding Borders to Images Satin Hearts World Globe
Lesson 9 Masks Effects Animated USA Flag Animated Rollup Map
Lesson 10 Fine Textures For Tiles Interlocking Hearts School Daze Frame
Lesson 11 Jeweled Side Border Heart & Arrow Gift Box
Lesson 12 EZ Blinds Effects Background Celestial Animated Clock Build A Room
Lesson 13 Cork Board USA Ribbon Buzzing Bees Tutorial
Lesson 14 Chalk Board Easter Wreath Creating a Cabinet
Lesson 15 Puzzles Silver Shimmer Frame Heart Pillow
Lesson 16 Ceramic Tiles Fancy Dinner Plates Building a Bunny
Lesson 17 Blinds Effect Frame Silver Egg Angel Bear
Lesson 18 Plaids Nativity Baby Bottom Sweetie
Lesson 19 Simple Background Pearl Eggs Victorian Playhouse
Lesson 20 Lace Background Jeweled Egg Box Pumpkin Kitty
Lesson 21 Almost Linen Background Golden Wreath 911 Angel
Lesson 22 Blast Frame Soft Feathered Edges Victorian Fireplace
Lesson 23 Pins and Needles Background Transparent Gifs Shadow Box
Lesson 24 Blur Weave Background Drawing Leaves and Vines Wooden Sign
Lesson 25 Chopped Weave Tile Curved Text 2 Embroidered Boot


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