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I tend to do a couple tutorials with Paintshop Pro every night. Here are some of the creations from those and the links to give it a try yourself. Bare in mind for some of these there will be plugin filters you will need. Some of these are tutorials from graphic groups such as PSP_Creations, Hooked on PSP, PSP Workbench, and more. If your as serious as I am about learning to create web graphics then, check out these lists. They are listed at onelist under computer/graphics. All my graphics have been watermarked with my creater ID. That means you are not to take any of these creations. They are mine unless you get permission to buy the rights from me. Sorry to sound so harsh. But, I am merely being honest. I will be adding more as I do more. If you have any questions in regaurds to any of these creations, or the tutorials involved. Please email me. I would be more than happy to answer if I can.


Fancy Button



Glass Effect



Manipulating Masks




Muted Background



Ornamental Frame



Text in a Circle



Embossed Rose


Padded Background



Golden Text



Guestbook Tag













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