Welcome to my tutorials for the program Paintshop Pro. Most of the tutorials here were hand made in Paintshop Pro. They took a considerable amount of my time to bring these to you for a learning experience. I will not lower myself to placing a no right click code, or encript my tutorials to protect them. We need to agree on a few things before you attempt any of the tutorials here.

1.     You are not to copy any part of these tutorials to upload to your server.

2.     You are not to claim any of them as your own.

3.     If you want to send the url through an email list you must contact me first.

4.     You will not send the tutorial as a whole through any list for any reason.

5.     You can download to your harddrive for the sole purpose of doing them offline.

6.     You can also place them on disk or CD for back-up purposes only.

If you agree to the terms list above then you may go onto the tutorials otherwise please use the back button. Please don't make me resort to placing them on CD and charging for the purchase of said CD. Or creating a membership only site to access the tutorials.



OE5 Stationery Tutorials

Square Corner Stationery   Framed Stationery  
Rounded Corner Stationery   Easy  OE Script For Beginners  

Background Tile Tutorials

Angled Strokes Background   Brush Strokes Background  
Simply Elegant Background   Simple Backgrounds 1  
Fabric Background Tiles   Swerve Background  

Framing Tutorials

Double Padded Frame   Fabric Frame  
Easter Egg Frame   Matted Picture Frame  
Fancy Picture Frame   Ribbon Frame  

Vector/Selection Tutorials

Valentine Bear   Silly Valentine Hearts  
Easy Easter Eggs   Country Bear  

Country Tutorials

Country Backgrounds Part 1   Country Backgrounds Part 2  
Country Backgrounds Part 3      

Misc Tutorials

Making PSD Textures   PSP Help Page  

Coming Soon

Country Rosie   Country Wall Hanger  
Saving as a Transparent GIF   Golden Frame W/Matting  
Animated Coffee Mug W/Coffee   Victorian White/Blue Christmas Tree  
Sig Tag   Animated Snow Globe  
Making Tubes   Text on a Curve  
Easy Side Border   Black & Gold Frame  




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